Local author helps students stay on the right path

BALTIMORE - All eyes are on Marshall Bell at Reginald F. Lewis High School of Business and Law in Baltimore.  This Author and Radio Host is speaking to High School students about making the right choices in life.

For these inner city students, this talk comes at a critical time in their lives.

"There is such a high expectation.  They want us to do more. They want us to be more.  They want us to do this and do that, but they don't understand how hard it is to strive for that.  It's hard out here to graduate high school without being pregnant or being 16 and the only one in your family without having a child," said Tarisha Armstrong, senior.

Bell is the Author of "Baltimore Blues: Harm City."  It's a coming of age story centered around one young man's struggle to overcome obstacles.

Many of the things discussed in the book, courage and a sense of purpose are some of the same things he brings to the table for these young people.

Bell says things were not always easy for him.  He battled a drug addiction for years.  He is using his experience to keep kids off the streets and on the right path.

"They are young men and they are young women.  They are at a crossroads at their life.  They need to understand that making wise choices is what is going to decide how their life if going to play out moving forward.  We want them to be smart with what they do and make wise choices and be successful in life," said Marshall Bell, Author, Radio Host and Motivational Speaker.

Students pride themselves on striving for success.  Administrators thought listening to Bell would be useful.

"They have the opportunity to see someone like themselves because a lot of times our kids are not able to actually touch and see someone that they know is like them and come from the same background they have," said Marc Anthony Davis, Community School Coordinator with the Y of Central Maryland.

Marshall Bell is the Author of two books. He's also a Host on Radio One.



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