Hereford parents still fighting school schedule change

Don't think it’s over in Hereford. Parents are still fired up over a schedule change.

They know it’s going to take money to fight the school board in the courts, and that’s why they held a fundraiser Monday at Casa Mia's in Parkton.

"We are committed to staying in this fight until we get our schedule back.  We have an attorney working with us, and we are prepared to take any action necessary to stay in the fight and get our schedule back," said Wendy Flowers with Hereford Works.

Hereford Works is what the group of advocates fighting the schedule change are calling themselves.

They argue the schedule system has been around for 20 years. They are accustom to it.  They say it works.  So, why change it?
Superintendent Dallas Dance has pushed for a schedule change that would take effect next fall.

With the schedule change, schools will have three options:

• Eight-period day, eight courses, same eight courses every day.
• Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be on an A day/B day schedule and four classes a day and then Wednesday they can do all eight classes.
• A day/B day straight across