Garrison Forest Jenkins Fellows travel across country for service projects.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. - Students at Garrison Forest School in Owings Mills are creating a better world through global service.  Five young ladies are the 2012 Jenkins Fellows.

They participated in intense impactful service abroad.

"The opportunity to look beyond Garrison Forest School and start to consider the needs of the world and see what needs to be done, not to be overwhelmed, but to have some sort of an impact," said Johanna Maranto with Garrison Forest School.

The Jenkins process helped students build confidence in writing project proposals and thinking through goals and objectives.

The fellows came up with some amazing projects.

17-year-old Katie Bhattacharya spent three weeks as a volunteer therapeutic riding counselor at Camp Cheerful in Strongsville, Ohio.  She taught mentally disabled children.

17-year-old Amy Mullan visited India for three weeks where she tutored students with special needs and worked in a home for abandoned girls.

17-year-old Jessica Howard visited Cambodia for three weeks. She worked with children with disabilities and HIV.

"I think the biggest thing I learned was to be open to new situations and different experiences and to be able to learn from them," said Jessica Howard, 2012 Jenkins Fellow.

Amanda Selsky and Joo Eun Lee are best friends.  They had the opportunity to visit Joo Eun Lee's home in South Korea for 18 days.

They worked in a church with a Kindergarten class.

"I think it taught me a lot about patience and I can be outside of my comfort zone.  I think the biggest thing I got from it is that it's okay if you don't speak the same language you can still connect with somebody," said Amanda Selsky, 2012 Jenkins Fellow.

"This time it was so special because my best friend Amanda got to come to my home with me and it was like a totally different experience for me," said Joo Eun Lee, 2012 Jenkins Fellow.

Each winter rising sophomores, juniors and seniors concerned about global issues can research international service opportunities.

Jenkins Fellows are selected through a competitive application process.  Once they return from the summer projects, the Jenkins Fellows present thoughtful reflections on their experience to the Garrison Forest Community.

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