Educators screen students during Dyslexia Awareness Month

Free reading screenings kick off

BEL AIR, Md - The learning continues even on a Saturday afternoon at The Highlands School in Bel Air.  Educators there are hosting Free Reading Screenings.

Karen Hojnacki is having her 11-year-old daughter, Laura, tested.  She's close to grade level, but has a few problems.

"She's having some problems with her reading and spelling so I thought I would come and get her tested to see what was going on," said Karen Hojnacki, her mother.

Educators here at The Highlands School want to make sure children are on the right path to learning.

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and The Highlands School in Bel Air offers specialized instruction for students with Dyslexia and other language based learning differences.  The Reading Screenings help parents identify if their child is reading on grade level or below.

"For children who can't read, it's very frustrating for them and parents and for their teachers.  We want to catch the children early so we can determine why they are not reading and address their phonics skills and develop the skills of reading," said Beth Maahs-Hoagberg, Admissions Director at The Highlands School.

Many parents are grateful for the reading help.

"She loves school right now and I don't want it to be a struggle for her.  I would hate for her to get to middle school and find that it's too challenging and the work is getting too hard for her," said Hojnacki.

The Highlands School offered the Free Reading Screenings on two Saturdays in the month of October.  The goal is to get students on the right academic track.

This was the first year the Highlands School held the Free Reading Screenings.  Administrators say it was a success and they plan to have more throughout the year.

The Highlands School hopes to be a resource to the community in helping children to read.


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