Anne Arundel County School uses Arts Integration to teach students

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Students are using visual arts to learn about acids, bases and the PH scale in an eighth grade science class at Bates Middle School in Annapolis. Bates is an Arts Integration School.

This exercise teaches students about visual arts.

"I think it is a really good program.  It helps me learn better and get more involved in the arts and even the kids that are not in it get to enjoy the arts.  It helps them process the arts better," said Cullen Taylor, eighth grader.

Bates is both an Arts Integration School and a Performing Arts Magnet School with 731 students.  It's one of two in Anne Arundel County.

Bates has struggled off and on with making adequate yearly progress targets.  Educators put in Integrated Art and Performing Arts last year and Bates made adequately yearly progress.

"It's working because our students are interested in learning through music, visual arts and dance.  If you visit a classroom here at Bates, what you see are happy, engaged and motivated kids," said Diane Bragdon, Principal.

Bates Middle School is known for Arts Integration, using arts to help students excel academically and it's working.  Test scores are up 30 percent.

In a language arts class, students use African stories, folk music and dance to perform a song from a West African Fable.  It is another way of using art in advancing learning.

"We just started a portrait arts project in language arts where we create self portraits and we use different characters to describe ourselves through our own characteristics," said Taylor.

"In science, we dance around to different speeds to show how molecules move like solid liquid and gas," said Kodye Pugh, eighth grader.

More than 280 students are in the magnet program at Bates Middle School.



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