A new school opens in the Jewish community

BALTIMORE - Ms. Hoffman's second and third grade combination class at the Day School at Baltimore Hebrew are using the smart board for a spelling assignment.  Recently the Day School at Baltimore Hebrew and Shoshana S. Cardin School announced closures at the end of the school year to launch a new school.

The Independent Jewish Academy of Baltimore will serve students in Kindergarten to 12th grade.  Gerri Chizeck will be the Director for K - 8.

"We want to offer in Baltimore a full spectrum of offerings for students for future leaders of the Jewish Community and the community in general," said Chizeck.

Educators say this is not a merger or a bailout, but a new vision in a new school.  The Independent School will be known at The Academy.  It will be a co-ed, college preparatory school that opens minds and inspires learning.

The Academy will transcend denominational affiliations.  It will be open to all of the diverse segments of the community.

It will also celebrate every form of Jewish self identification.  The schools curriculum will focus on creative mind and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Some parents are excited.

"The idea of your typical subjects like math and reading being taught here plus there is the creative piece, which I think are essential." said Becky Mossing, a parent with twin girls in third grade.

The Academy will be located on the campuses of Oheb Shalom and Baltimore Hebrew Congregation for now.  Educators say it made sense financially to close two schools and have one school.

David Prashker will be the head of the school.

"In tight economic times having two schools across the road each having parallel backgrounds together as one will provide efficiencies with the institution, which we can feed back into a quality education and I think that is important," said Prashker.

The Academy opens it's doors on July 1, 2013.   Upon opening, the Academy will be affiliated with RAVSAK, the Community Day School Network and NAIS, the National Academy of Independent Schools. 

The Academy will apply for accreditation from the Association of Maryland Independent Schools.


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