A lesson on bullying

Over 100 turnout to learn

Baltimore - They are talking.  They are reading charts.  They are mingling.  They know why they are here tonight at Living Classrooms in Baltimore.   One of the biggest fears in schools today is bullying.  Dr. Anne Townsend, has heard all the stories of name calling, threats even violence.  She had her own story as to why she brought Mariposa to Baltimore's doorstep.  She remembers Columbine and thinking she had to do something.  Mariposa is an on-line training tool for parents, teacher and principals.  Its a training lesson to stop bullying.  Its what brought the school counselor from Rosemont out tonight  Nakiya Claiborne Dennis, feels the program gets to the kids and what they are thinking.  So tonight, they came, they met, they talked and tomorrow they'll take back maybe the most important lesson of the year to their schools.





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