Don't Stress Out, Workout

Raise Your Heart Rate and Lift Your Spirit

We know that working out is a healthy activity, but some workouts can actually boost your mood. The List's Donna Ruko hit BODI Gym to get advice from owner, Nikki Metzger. Raise your heart rate and lift your spirit, now on The List!

Nikki’s HIIT Workout:

1. Burpee Box Jump

-Do a burpee with a pushup, come up and jump squat or step up on a box

2. Spiderman Plank

-Get into plank position, try bring your knee to your ear on the same side, bring foot back to plank

3. Out-In Rope Slams

-Alternate slamming the rope up and down, while jumping in and out

4. Toe to Bar

-On a pull-up bar, bring feet or knees as close to the bar above your head

Do each move for 30 seconds, 4 times through – with 10 second rests in between each move.

Nikki’s Music Playlist:

Higher Ground by TNGHT

Ayy Ladies by Travis Porter

Faded by zhu

Satisfaction by Benny Benassi

Turn Down For What by DJ Snake

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