'Dead' man wakes up at funeral home

Video transcript:

This sounds like a literal nightmare. A man woke up to find himself inside a body bag in a funeral home.

"Walter Williams woke up from the dead in Holmes County."
"I asked the coroner what happened. He said it was a miracle."
(Via WAPT)

​Williams had been under hospice care, and a coroner who examined him said he had no heartbeat at his home in Mississippi Wednesday night. His body was moved to a funeral home, and workers were about to embalm him — when he moved his leg.

"He was not dead, long story short."

The coroner called it a miracle — though it sounds more like a mistake?

The coroner did say Williams' pacemaker might have stopped working, then started up again. (Via The Clarion Ledger)

WKRG reports Holmes is 78 years old. He was zipped up, put in a plastic bag and even driven in a hearse to the funeral home.

A few hours later, Williams' family got the call that he was not, in fact, deceased. Williams suffered a heart attack earlier this month.

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