Teen pleads guilty in death of friends

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WMAR) - A 19-year-old Linthicum man pleaded guilty to two counts of criminally negligent manslaughter by motor vehicle this morning for his role in the death of his two friends.

Dale Kirk Audet II was the driver of a vehicle that crashed into a tree along the 6200 block of Lawyers Hill Road last November 25.

Two teenagers died in the crash, Jeffery Giles, 19 and Jonathon Deckman, 18.

According to the plea agreement, the State will now ask for a sentence of 6 eyars, suspending all but 18 months to be served, followed by 6 months of home detention and 5 years of supervised probation.

When the statement of facts was read in court today, Audet wept.

According to the facts presented, two passenger girls were picked up by Deckman, Giles and Audet and headed toward the "Seven Hills" area to go hill jumping.

Police were able to calculate the speed of the vehicle prior to the collision to be 70.50 mph, in a 20 mph zone.

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