Taco Bell manager shot at work


The victim's best friend was seen wiping tears near the shooting on the Taco Bell parking lot.  He was not ready to put those feelings into words. 

"I'm hearing it for the first time.  I had no clue this happened," said Donald Neligh, who lives in Columbia and visits the Taco Bell. 

Howard County police say the late-night manager of the Taco Bell on Minstrel Way in Columbia was outside just before 1 a.m. Sunday.  Police say there were two men in the parking lot who came up to him and for some reason started shooting.

"Here's a guy, he's doing his job.  That's his responsibility.  That's what he's supposed to do," said Neligh.  

Police aren't naming the victim, but they say he was able to make it back into Taco Bell, where two employees called 911.  He was flown to Shock Trauma in critical condition.

The late-night drive-thru for tacos and taquitos became a crime scene.

"People from other areas come in to Columbia to commit crimes cause they think people are less suspecting," said Randy Greenfield, who bought dinner at the restaurant Sunday night.

Police have no motive and no suspects.  Business owners in the shopping center across the street are considering their next move.

"I probably will have to put in security systems and we hire people to do extra protection," said Young-Sun Chang, co-owner, Anloi.    

On Sunday night, the Taco Bell manager remained in critical condition.  The suspects are still on the loose.         







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