Police make 3 arrests in Howard County human trafficking cases

Two women forced into prostitution are safe

A local woman is safe after escaping from a man she says she called her pimp for two years.
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Craig Okeido Anderson, 32, faces human trafficking, prostitution and assault charges with more possibly on the way.
Howard County police say Anderson forced a local 24 year old woman into prostitution.
Sherry Llewellyn with the Howard County Police Department  says, "She's actually been forced to work as a prostitute for the last two years working for the same suspect. 
The woman told police that for two years Anderson made her perform sex acts with various men in different states for money. She also said that he forced her to give all the money directly to him and assaulted her regularly.
The woman managed to get to a Sykesville fire station for help on Thursday, October 3rd.
That is when she identified Anderson as the man who took her to different states forcing her to have sex for money.
The woman says he posted ads looking for customers online.
Llewellyn tells ABC2, "It's a website called backpage.com and it's becoming more and more concerning for law enforcement. It really is a coincidence that in each of these individual and separate situations, that website was used in both cases." 
Llewellyn is talking about a second victim police found photos of on that same site, another 24 year old woman who made her way to a gas station on Friday, October 4th and called for help.
"The woman reported that she had been kidnapped from Rhode Island which is where she lives and the two suspects live there as well. That happened about three days ago and she was forced into prostitution in multiple states between Maryland and Rhode Island."
The victim reported that the man, later identified as Gary Eugene Maddox, 29, of Providence, R.I., told her she would have to have sex with customers for money.
A female suspect, identified as Amina R. Philip, 27, also of Providence, R.I., took photos of the victim and posted them in ads on Backpage.com.
The victim was forced to have sex with men in various states and turn over all the money to Maddox and Philip. 
Although police says it is difficult to warn women about this kind of crime, police do their best to take a proactive approach by assigning detectives and training officers to be on the lookout.
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