Police: Elkridge woman's remains found in shed of former husband

ELKRIDGE, Md. - She was living the American Dream---residing in a home on Claire Drive with her husband and two young sons just down the street from her parents.

Then in January of 1991, Christine Jarrett disappeared without a trace.

"They were looking around the neighborhood for her and they even had posters out looking for her and different people were looking for her," said Art Welsh, a neighbor who lives a few doors down.

"We suspected it right away that he had something to do with it," said Cindy Fryer, who lives next door to the Jarrett home.  "With the shed, when the kids were really little, he didn't want them anywhere around it, you know he would get very angry and so we always said she was under the shed."

Christine's husband, Robert Jarrett, told police that she walked out on him after an argument leaving everything, including her children, behind.

Investigators didn't buy it, but they had no evidence to prove he was lying.

That is---until now.

New information led police to an old shed behind the house where a search turned up evidence that Christine Jarrett had been murdered.

"There was nothing obvious there, but the detectives went inside the shed and pulled aside some floorboards and moved aside some debris and that's when they found a concrete slab, and there was information there they were able to obtain that led them to believe she might be inside that slab and that was correct," said Sherry Llewellyn of the Howard County Police Department.

While investigators are awaiting confirmation from the medical examiner that the remains are those of the missing woman, personal effects found with the body leave little doubt that it's her.

Her husband, who is now 57 years old, is being held at the Howard County Detention Center with no bail.

Robert Jarrett is separated from his current wife who lives in the home, and when detectives asked her for permission to search the property on Wednesday, she granted it.

Christine and Robert Jarrett had two sons; they are now almost 30 years old.   "What I come away with is that her sons will know that she didn't abandon them," Fryer said.  "That she loved them and you know, she wouldn't have left them and I hope that they come away with some peace knowing that."

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