One of the five men arrested in suspected meth lab talked to ABC2 before his arrest

ELKRIDGE, Md. - One of the men arrested during the bust of a suspected meth lab operating inside an Elkridge hotel spoke to ABC2 news shortly before his arrest.  Spencer Smith, 22, of Lock Haven, PA, said he was staying at the Holiday Inn Express when the bust occurred Monday night on the 6000 block of Marshalee Drive.  While sitting in a nearby parking lot, Smith told our photographer, "This is a high scale place.  I don't know anything about this, apparently it's a meth lab.  The only thing I know about this is what I see on movies, the big bang."

Smith and four other individuals from out of state were arrested during the bust.  He told our photographer he was supposed to be returning to Pennsylvania Tuesday to be with his two children.  Smith said he was working for a company in the area, climbing cell phone towers.

When asked about meth labs, Smith said, "I don't know much about them.  I did a little bit of research, looking up myself.  Apparently it has a foul odor and has the potential to explode.  If it had exploded I imagine it probably would've taken out that whole floor, plus anything around it."

Smith and the others have been charged with drug manufacturing, drug possession and possession with intent to distribute.

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