Jarrett case postponed due to illness


The trial of a man charged with murdering his wife and then burying her remains under a shed in the back yard has been postponed, for now. 
Robert Jarrett was charged in May for the murder of his wife Christine. Her remains were found buried under the floorboards and concrete in a shed behind the house where the couple had once lived. 
Christine disappeared in 1991. 
A trial was supposed to get underway tomorrow, however, it has been postponed due to an illness of an attorney. 
Yesterday, during motion hearings, a judge denied motions to suppress an autopsy report from the Medical Examiner. Jarrett's attorney claimed that they could not conduct their own investigation because Christine's remains were cremated after her autopsy. 
The judge denied that motion, stating that Jarrett was aware that her remains would be cremated and did nothing to stop it, he even offered to pay for her cremation. 
A new trial date has not yet been set. 
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