Glenelg teen arrested for burning speed cameras

GLENELG, Md. - Howard County Police arrested a teenager for setting flame to a portable speed camera.

Connor Lynn Eash, 19-years-old from Glenelg, Md., has been charged with first- and second-degree malicious burning, attempt to burn and multiple counts of destruction of property.

Two separate times in the past year, Howard County Police went to the 14000 block of Burntwoods Road -- first in September 2013 and most recently early Thursday morning -- for a report of an electrical speed camera box on fire.

Through a joint investigation with the Howard County Office of the Fire Marshal, they determined the fires were intentional.

Saturday morning, while officers staked out the location of the speed trap, they observed Eash driving by the camera several times.  After parking his vehicle away from the camera, he returned with an ax and a bottle of accelerant.

At 5:05 a.m., police converged on Eash kneeling down next to the electrical box when he began to flee before eventually being taken into custody.  Police found a lighter in his possession.

Damage to the equipment from the three incidents is estimated at $30,000, and Eash is currently being processed.