Flasher exposes himself in Target dressing rooms


Inside the dressing room at Target on Dobbin Rd. in Columbia, men are next to women changing in the same area.  Our photographer Preston Mitchum went in a few steps ahead of me.  While Preston minds his business, Howard County police say another man didn't keep his pants up.

"Oh my god it's awful.  I feel like I have to watch my direction and everyone who is around me and behind me," said Sharon Stuckey-Williams, a Target shopper.     

Police say two women made similar complaints Saturday night.  One reported the man beside of her kept his door open, and as she went in and out, the man stared at her and exposed himself.

"I don't understand that.  I've never heard of that before and I don't think they should be co-ed at all," said Jamie Sweadner, a Target shopper.      

The second woman told police she stepped out of her changing room, and when she came back the man was in her room parading his parts and asking her to join him.  She walked away.

Women in the fitting room are having a fit.

"The exposure alone is traumatic and horrifying, but you always question the one person that might take it a step further," said Taylor Meinbresse

We took our own camera into Nordstrom Rack, where women go left and men go right.  But Old Navy mixes it up just like Target.  A spokesperson says different Target stores have different layouts.

"I think the females should have their privacy to undressing without a male entering the room or making a mistake and coming into the same dressing room," said Stuckey-Williams.    

We have not heard back from the Target spokesperson on if men and women will be separated in the Columbia store.  If you know the man in the surveillance picture taken around 8 Saturday night, you're asked to call police at 410-313-STOP. 


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