Caller spoofs state police number, demands money

Maryland State Police say someone has been calling people in the Howard County area claiming to be with the police and demanding payment for court or traffic fines.
Troopers say more than a dozen people have complained to the Waterloo barracks in Jessup about the calls Wednesday evening. Police say the barracks' phone number shows up on the intended victims' Caller ID, an act that is called spoofing.
Officers say the male caller tells would-be victims that they owe money for outstanding court fines and traffic tickets that must be paid immediately to avoid arrest.
At this time no one is known to have complied with the caller's demands.
Troopers say the calls are not from state police, and troopers do not call to collect money for fines.
Authorities say anyone who gets such a call should hang up and report the incident to state police at 410-799-2101. 
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