Windsor Mill man arrested for sexually abusing deaf girls

COLUMBIA, Md - The Maryland School for the Deaf provides a free public education for people the deaf and people with hearing impairments.

Some of the students live there in dorms at times.

And it was in of those dorms that police say a man trusted to watch over young deaf girls, abused them.

 "We have arrested and charged a school aide at those Maryland School for the Deaf in Columbia with touching multiple young girls inappropriately over the course of years fortunately one of the girls came forward recently when she realized that she was not the only victim of the suspect." Howard County Police Spokeswoman Sherry Llewelyn says.

In all police say three young girls say they were groped and fondled by 37 year old Clarence Cepheus Taylor of Windsor Mill over a period of two years from 2008 until 2010.

The girls at the time were between the ages of 10 and 13..

Police say Taylor was responsible for watching the girls who lived in dorms on the campus.

His accusers say that Taylor would fondle the girls and sneak up on them and kiss them.

Police say the first girl, who's now in her mid-teens came forward now after she found out that other girls had been molested allegedly by Taylor.

Now authorities are trying to see if there are more than just three victims.

 "He's been accused of sexual abuse of a minor three counts and those are all felonies so they're serious charges we have every reason to believe unfortunately that there are likely other victims in these cases so we're very hopeful that people will come forward with their stories as well. "  Llewelyn says.

The Maryland School for the Deaf released this statement this afternoon.

"This is an ongoing investigation being handled by Howard County Police and MSD is not at liberty to comment at this time."

Taylor remains in custody.

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