Two arrested in Thanksgiving stabbing


A 41-year-old man is healing from a stab wound Thanksgiving night. Deputies say he was stabbed by a family member.
The Harford County Sheriff's Office says they responded to an address in the 1700 Block Fountain Rock Way in Edgewood around 7 p.m.
Responding deputies reported that the victim, had been stabbed in the face with a knife.
Witnesses told police that two men, Jamarr Carter and Andre Carter had punched the victim in the face, causing him to call to the floor. Witnesses stated that they saw Jamarr stab the victim with a silver knife. 
Two witnesses attempted to intervene, but Jamar was able to kick the victim in the head several times. Andre then began to pull the victims pants off. One of the witnesses stated he thought they were going to stab the victim again. 
Jamarr was pulled off the victim by a witness who was then bit on the back of the neck by Andre. 
Andre then displayed a handgun and the pair fled from the area. 
Andre Carter was arrested and charged with first and second degree sexual offense, attempted first and second degree attempted sexual offense and first degree assault. He is being held on without bond. 
Police have issued an arrest warrant for Jamarr Carter charging him with first degree assault. 
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