Suspect captured after high-speed pursuit in Aberdeen that injured teen

He has traded in his skateboard for a wheelchair.
Joseph Paramore, 16, was returning home from a friend's house Sunday night when a car leading Aberdeen Police on a high-speed chase struck him on Edmund Street.
"[I was] leaving his house and then I hear the cops and I hear the sirens and I turn around and the next thing I know I get hit," Paramore said." I saw the car and he swerved and it looked like he went right for me."
Police say they were conducting radar on Old Philadelphia Road and when they attempted to stop 31-year-old Asim Lievers, he took off, cutting through the Walmart lot, across Route 40 and behind a grocery store before speeding down Edmund Street.
"I saw the white car come speeding around the corner behind Aldi's followed by a police car," said Mary Paramore, Joseph's mother
Ironically, Joseph's mother was walking home with groceries and witnessed the chase seconds before her son was run over shattering his ankle.
"I turned the corner a little bit and saw an ambulance and of course I went running and found out he'd been hit by the same car I'd seen.  It was weird."
According to police, once Lievers struck Joseph, he kept going, striking a marked police car and another car before he jumped out and unsuccessfully attempted to flee on foot.
Lieutenant Fred Budnick says the department has a pursuit policy, but this chase unfolded in a matter of seconds.
"The pursuit from where it initiated to where he struck the pedestrian is a very short distance---probably half a mile at the most.  So the supervisor is continuously monitoring that pursuit and if it gets to the point where they feel it's a public safety issue, they'll call the pursuit off without question," said Budnick.
Now, Joseph faces an uncertain future and potentially months of surgery and physical therapy with a shattered tibia.
"Compound fracture in my leg and scraped up a lot,” he explained.
But his mother says if it's true that the suspect's car reached a speed of 80 miles per hour, he's just lucky to be alive.
"I think it's a miracle that he's not further injured frankly."
Lievers faces a series of charges and is being held tonight at the Harford County Detention Center on a $35,000 bond.
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