Stolen laptop returned to disabled Towson University student

ABC2 introduced you to Jeremy Harvey in November-- a disabled Towson University student whose laptop was stolen right out from under him. Not long after our story aired, police charged a man in the theft.

For Harvey, 22, it's back to a typical Monday.

But for Harvey typical is, in reality, quite amazing. He spent the afternoon practicing self-composed music on a piano in his dorm room. The classical sounds are also saved on his laptop, in hopes of releasing an album this winter.

When his laptop was stolen, it was years of music and schoolwork completely gone.

"When the computer was gone, I thought, 'I'm going to have to start from scratch all over again.' And when you compose something under inspiration, it's very, very difficult recreate it exactly," Harvey says.

It also has special programs designed for him.

"It has a feature where you can go and enlarge the cursor," he said, while poking around on the computer.

The piano performance major has Cerebral Palsy and is nearly blind.

"Why would he want to target someone with special needs?" he asked "Someone he knew couldn't protect themselves?"

Harvey has since watched the surveillance footage. It shows a man, who police are now saying is 59-year-old Earl Eller, following Harvey around the library for quite a while before snatching the laptop and running.

"I didn't know that he had followed me to the restroom," Harvey said. "I didn't know that he had attempted to open the door twice, I didn't know that he had paced back and forth and then tried to listen at the door, and it just reinforces the point that this crime is sickening."

It was during the filming of our story last week, that sent off red flags for Jeremy's mother.

"Apparently, my mom and the camera man looked at each other and said, 'I have a gut feeling that that's the thief.'"

A man who walked into the Aberdeen Library during our story looked remarkably similar to the suspect in the surveillance footage the family had just seen. Harvey's mother called the suspect's tag numbers and description in to police, and an arrest was made soon after.

"The way she described it, she's like, 'You know what? Guess what? I caught the thief.'" Harvey said.

According to police, an arrest was made following an anonymous tip. Harvey's laptop has been returned and he says it's in perfect condition.

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