Satanic grafitti near alleged killer's dorm

Arrest for baseball bat attack proceeded killing

BALTIMORE - Neighbors reacted as police discovered the dismembered body of a man in a Joppa townhouse community.

"They found the head back there," said Kathy Ziolkowski, "Then they found other body parts in the dumpster... body parts everywhere."

But it's 21-year old Alexander Kinyua's confession to the killing and subsequent cannibalism of the victim's organs that has left his fellow students at Morgan State University searching for answers.
"It's real crazy to me... somebody like that and he ends up doing something crazy like eating somebody's brain and heart," said Thair Heath.

A week before the murder of 37-year old Kujoe Agyei-Kodie, Baltimore City police had responded to a call at the Thurgood Marshall Residence Hall on Morgan's campus where officers arrested Kinyua in connection with a savage assault.
"He hit somebody in his head with a baseball bat and he caused him to lose sight in one eye," said Gordon Dinnall.

Freed on bond, students here believe Kinyua may have returned to campus the same weekend of Kodie's murder to spray paint cryptic graffiti on the tennis courts next to his dorm.
The vandalism includes a monstrous face with jagged teeth and a pentagram, the words "death wish" nearby and a separate grouping with three "6"s and an upside down cross.
During their normal interaction with Kinyoua, they say he came off as anything, but normal in his thought process.
"He was a cool person, but he talked strange... like talked of strange things, but I didn't really make nothing of it honestly," said Michael Keys, Jr.

"He seemed a little bit off, but he was always talking about some other things, but we never got into this cult thing that he was always into," added Heath.

Since no one witnessed the vandalism at the tennis court, students acknowledge anyone could have done it, but they say if it wasn't the alleged killer, there may be someone else out there who could pose a threat to their safety.

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