Teen charged with making bottle bombs in Bel Air

The twisted plastic remnants of a water bottle hint at the source of pair of loud explosions, which caught the neighbors off guard Tuesday morning in this townhome community in Bel Air.
"I was just sitting in my living room, and I heard... it did sound kind of like a gunshot.  I just heard kind of like a loud noise," resident Adam Schreiber said. 
When deputies arrived, they searched the wooded area behind the complex and discovered evidence of hand-made explosives.
That's when investigators with the State Fire Marshal's Office stepped in.
"It was determined that a 17-year-old juvenile was in the backyard of his parents' home and experimenting with what everyone refers to as soda bottle bombs, but according to the law, is an improvised explosive device," said Deputy State Fire Marshal Bruce Bouch.
We have witnessed the power of the so-called soda bottle bombs before, but it appears the devices in this case were much more powerful than those made with common household items.
Investigators learned the suspect had used some dry ice left over from a shipment of steaks that his father had shipped to the house.
"They do have the same report when they explode however the reaction's a little bit different,” Bouch said. “It's actually a little more violent, and if one of these devices were to explode near your head, they could cause almost permanent hearing damage, vision loss and if it explodes in your hand, you could actually lose fingers as a result of these devices exploding."
The teen has been released to the custody of his parents, but will face two felony counts of the manufacture, possession and distribution of a destructive device.
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