Edgewood woman claiming self-defense in fatal shooting of boyfriend

At first glance, it appears 35-year-old Tanasha Siena carries the marks of a battered girlfriend, but she now faces a first-degree murder charge after confessing to the fatal shooting of 37-year-old George Moore inside his Edgewood home.
A neighbor, Lawrence Lloyd, says he's so use to the sound of ordnance from nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground that he didn't notice any gunfire from the house next door.
"I never heard them fight or anything like that,” said Lawrence. “It was a very quiet couple and he worked in Washington and he commuted by car.  So I never really saw him... just coming in at night and going out."
Neighbors also say they never saw police cars at the house prior to the night Siena called 911 to report Moore had assaulted her and she had shot him.
According to charging documents, Siena admitted to detectives that a physical altercation with her boyfriend ended when she pulled a handgun from a dresser, pointed it at him and fired several rounds.
He was discovered with gunshot wounds to the head and chest lying on his back on the bed in the master bedroom.
But the most damning evidence may have come from another occupant of that home.
"Two children...one of them is very small... maybe a couple of years old and the other one may be about 13," said Lawrence, when asked if the couple had any children.
When police interviewed the teen, they learned the couple had been arguing moments before she made the call to emergency operators, but she had time to instruct the child to take the toddler and leave the house for 30 to 45 minutes.
That may explain why a woman claiming she acted in self-defense now faces a first-degree murder charge.
"In situations like this one of the things we have to look at, because there's a common misperception among the public that if the suspects in the house and threatening them, they have the right to shoot that individual,” said Edward Hopkins of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, “Technically, they don't.  A person has to be in imminent fear of their life.  So we have to take a look at that sequence of events to see if there was a point in time where someone could have stepped away."
Siena is being held at the Harford County Detention Center on $250,000 bond.
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