Peeping Tom arrested after harrassing beauty shop

Havre de Grace, MD - It is odd to say the least.

But it's very scary if you're the one who lived through it.

It was a busy Saturday at Salon Marielle in the heart of downtown Havre de Grace.

There were customers in the store and the stylists were taking care of clients when police say this man staggered in.

A gentleman staggered in with a hand down his pants stumbled through the salon and he's been repeatedly around being creepy in general and asked us for service with a smile told us he had money and continued to stumble around the place touching himself." Stylist Sarah Kowalchek says.

 Police arrested 49 year old Michael Bognaski and he's charged with Trespass Peeping Tom.

But this wasn't the first time folks at the salon say he had bothered them.

The folks here say he would hang around the outside of the shop and leer through the windows.

Sometimes he would even sit on the deck and just stare into the spa next door.

Every time they chased him away and called the police.

Other merchants in the Downtown have also reportedly had run-ins with Bognaski who allegedly assaulted another store owner back in February.

But for the women at the salon his actions were scary and they want him to stay away for ever.

"As a woman it makes you uncomfortable it makes all of us uncomfortable knowing that someone's out there and you don't know what their intentions are it makes you nervous." Kowalchek says.

Bognaski was arraigned Monday and freed on bond.

He's also been ordered to stay away from the beauty salon.

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