Murder, 2 stabbings prompt community march in Edgewood to drive out violence

EDGEWOOD, Md. - A murder followed by two stabbings has frightened people who live in the Edgewood area of Harford County.  Now some neighbors aren't waiting for the Sheriff's Department to help them out.

Two members of the group "Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters of Maryland" live in Edgewood.

Monday night, they walked through the neighborhood where the recent crimes happened .

Mildred Samy took to her bullhorn to say:  “For those of you that are causing the problems around here, you're going to have to leave!"

Samy’s own son was murdered back in 2007.  Last month, a man was killed along Meadowood drive in Edgewood.

The following week there were two separate stabbings nearby .  Investigators say they don't believe the incidents were gang-related -- but they admit they may have had connections to gangs in the area.

Samy says it's a problem she -- and her bullhorn -- have tacked before.

“We did have a problem with gangs here before and we ran them out of here and I aim to run them out of here again,” she said.

Daphne Alston's son was also murdered, in 2008.  She says a walk like the one on Monday can have a greater impact than most people might think..

“And you stick with it until you see some results you can't just keep dibbing and dabbing. You stick with the situation until you see some changes,” Alston said.

They say since the murder and the stabbings, neighbors in Edgewood have not been coming outside to get together as much.  That's exactly the opposite, they say, of what's needed to prevent more violence.

“And let these people know, the people that are starting the problems or creating the problems that we're not going to tolerate this anymore, here,” Samy said.

The group is planning another walk in another part of Edgewood in the near future.

Meanwhile investigators in Harford County say they have no suspects in either the murder or the stabbings that came after it.


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