Mass shooting in Wisconsin worries some Muslims

ABINGDON, Md. - More people, more prayers and more nightly services mark the month of Ramadan at the Masjid Al-Falaah mosque in Abingdon, and its president, Dr. Rehan Khan wants to insure it doesn't make itself more of a target for white supremacists.

"The reason we are concerned is every time in the past when they have attacked the Sikh, they have mistaken them for Muslims."

The mosque reached out to Harford County Sheriff L. Jesse Bane to increase patrols in the area, and while critics may suggest Muslims there have little to fear, the sheriff says such threats are real.

"They are everywhere and we're aware of them in law enforcement, but the general public probably isn't aware of them.  I don't know that they're ever going to go away.  There always with us."

Sheriff Bane says investigators have found no evidence of any immediate threat, but he has assured the mosque he will stop up police presence in the area.

"I'm sworn to uphold the Constitution and this is a country where we believe the the freedom of religion, and as Sheriff of Harford County I want to make sure that regardless of what you're religion is, this is going to be a safe place to worship."
That's the kind of assurance Muslims were looking for.

While the mosque reports no incidents since it located here a year ago, it wants to make sure it doesn't become a target new especially in light of the shooting in Wisconsin.

"Even this shooting at the Sikh temple was done by a white person," said Rehan, "but the majority of the white people are the most peaceful loving and caring people."

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