Lawsuit to target Morgan State University in earlier beating case

Student called 'Virginia Tech' waiting to happen'

BALTIMORE - If a picture is worth a thousand words, the image of 22-year old Joshua Ceasar in his hospital bed may speak volumes to the savage nature of the attack, which police say came at the hands of cannibal killer Alexander Kinyua.

"He is blind in his left eye and doctors are not optimistic he's going to regain sight.  He's got a fractured skull, neurological issues... he's obviously got psychological issues," said Caesar's attorney, Steve Silverman.

Silverman says a week before Kinyua told police he had killed a roommate in Harford County and had eaten his heart and part of his brain, he attacked Ceasar, who was a friend and former classmate, in his Morgan State dorm.

"As soon as he walked through the front door, Alex was there with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and smashed him right in the head for no reason whatsoever."

A crime scene photo reveals a bloody hallway in the room where Silverman says Kinyua, who had draped his head with a black sheet, decided he wasn't finished with his victim.

"Alex proceeded to drag Josh, who was completely out cold, bleeding profusely... drags him down the hall, puts him in a room, closes the door, pulls out a knife and is ready to cut into him and as we know from what he did to the next victim a couple of days later, was probably going to cut into him and start eating his organs."

Kinyua's roommates heard the commotion and interceded, pushing him to the ground before he ran out of the building and into some nearby woods where police would arrest him.
Silverman says six months earlier, an ROTC commander called Kinyua "a Virginia Tech waiting to happen" after he punched several holes into a wall, and the warning signs didn't stop there.

"After that there was a symposium on campus with the Morgan State president in which Alex is holding a microphone and talking about Virginia Tech," said Silverman, "He's talking about human sacrifices and that coupled with a number of other incidents and strange behavior that we will articulate down the road, there is no excuse for the university not to extract Alex from this community.  No excuse."

Silverman has put the university on notice that he plans to file a civil suit in the weeks to come.

A spokesman for Morgan State University, Clinton R. Coleman, refused an on-camera interview today, but told us Joshua Ceasar was banned from the campus after a drug dealing charge two years ago.

He says Kinyua was afforded the same review as any other student after the December incident, and the university resents any efforts to drag its name into the mud.   

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