Harford County busts major drug ring

Edgewood, Md - This is just about a week's worth of drugs and cash that flowed through the hands of the Harford County gang called World's Most Dangerous or WMD.

That's more than a hundred thousand dollars in cash, four kilos of powdered cocaine, and two kilos of crack and about two pounds of marijuana.

At a news conference the sheriff's department says the gang was responsible for a trail of drugs and violence that stretched from the streets of Edgewood all the way to the streets of Atlanta..

They were able to catch them because they talked too much.

"Listening to those conversations led us to their mid-level suppliers in Baltimore City from then we were able to spin off and get wiretaps orders for those mid-level dealers in Baltimore City an during that continuing investigation with more undercover work and surveillance we were ultimately able to identify the suspects in Atlanta Georgia." Harford County Drug Task Force Commander Lieutenant Lee Dunbar says.

Twenty one people total are facing charges.

Thirteen people pictured here were arrested in this area and are facing state charges .the remaining eight are facing federal charges.

The dragnet also caught one of the most wanted men in Harford County, Isaiah Sibert .who was wanted on drug charges.

Arrests were made after raids on several streets in Edgewood....

While other authorities helped round up other suspects caught on the wiretaps in Baltimore City and as far away as Georgia, Texas California.

This all started back in December after a spike in drug violence led deputies to place several people under electronic surveillance.

They say their investigation has effectively shut WMD down.

"To those thugs who bring drugs into our county to poison and kill our children we are looking for you and sooner or later we will find you.  You are not welcome in Harford County." Sheriff Jesse Bane says.

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