Friends react to Vi Ripken's abduction

ABERDEEN, Md - Aberdeen has its share of crime but few stories make really big headlines.

It's a community where little old ladies can usually walk the streets with no problem.

And that's what the community here is having a hard time grasping.

Why would anyone harm a 74-year-old woman?

Why would anyone abduct Cal's mom?

"I was sort of excited there because I said, in Aberdeen someone's getting kidnapped that don't even sound right." Charles Fuller of Aberdeen said.

Violet Ripken, everyone in town knows her and her famous sons.

She's done a lot in this community to promote sports and education among children.

"She participates in all the fund raising activities she volunteers at the club and when she participates in our governance meetings when Vi talks people listen." Fellow Boys and Girls Club Board Member Tory Pierce said.

Violet Ripken helped create the Boys and Girls Club of Harford County which provides services for 37 hundred children.

They love her here because she's done so much.

And folks here are just as blown away by this and are glad for her safe return.

"Ms Vi brings her time treasure and commitment to this organization a wealth of wisdom and knowledge obviously 22 years in the organization she brings it every day and she realizes they're only kids once and she's a hardworking board member and really dedicated." Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Randy Acosta says.

Meantime, investigators are trying to answer the main question and are hoping that surveillance cameras at a Baltimore County Royal Farms and a Diner will provide them with clues.

The suspect got gas and food at the station as he drove around for hours with this woman who is a pillar in her small community.

Now the suspect is still at large in this case and Aberdeen police say he should be considered armed and dangerous.

They're getting help from the feds and police agencies around the state.

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