Edgewood residents concerned about recent violent crimes

EDGEWOOD, Md. - In Harford County, police are investigating several violent incidents, and neighbors are worried it may all be gang related.

It started Wednesday when a 19-year-old was shot and killed along Meadowood Drive. A memorial is now set up for the victim with candles and messages left behind.

After his death, there were also two stabbings in the following days, including one along Candlewood Drive. The Harford County Sheriff's Office is trying to figure out whether all the incidents are connected.

Also on Candlewood Drive, a teenager turned a knife on attackers Friday night in Edgewood, sending the would-be thugs to the hospital, police say.

All of this has led to an increased presence in Edgewood.

There are sheriff's deputies on bicycles.  It's what community leaders have asked for in the Windsor Valley Apartments in Edgewood.

"I come from East Baltimore, so I come out here for a new environment and it's just the same #*&#," said Brittany Moreno, who lives a few doors down from the victim.   

She's nervous to let her two young kids out to play.

"I heard the gunshots…But it's just so sad. He lived a couple doors down from me. That was my friend's boyfriend," said Moreno, who added that her friend and the victim have a baby together. 

Harford County Councilman Dion Guthrie, who represents Edgewood, walked through the community on Monday.

"We're getting some information that this might be a payback kind of thing," said Guthrie.

"People need jobs and they don't have their GED, and they feel like they can't get no where," said Moreno.

"Maybe what we can do at the community center is have a job search," said Guthrie. 

A job fair could be a start in a neighborhood that others call hopeless.

"They can say what they're going to say, but the people are going to do what they're going to do anyway," said Charles Castell, a neighbor.

"You have security out here that harass people that's been out for years instead of dealing with what they see as far as violence," said Tyrell Smith, a neighbor. 

The Harford Co. Sheriff's Office is hoping for the community's help in finding who is responsible for killing, along with the stabbings that followed.

Investigators say the violence may be connected, but they aren't saying if it's gang activity.

You can give an anonymous tip by calling 410-836-5442.

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