Disabled man attacked in Harford County by 4 'young men'

Couple looking for suspects

UPDATE: A day after this story aired, officials in the Harford County Sheriff's Office said that charges were pending for Eddie Harvey, the man who claimed he was attacked by four young men. Police said he filed a false report.  

A legally disabled Harford County man was jumped by four young men on his walk home from church last week.

Eddie Harvey said he was hit in the back of the head with a bottle before the four men began kicking and punching him on the ground. They snatched one of his necklaces and broke another. They tried to rip the rings off of his hands.

“It doesn’t take much of a blow to the head to kill somebody,” Eddie said.

Eddie remembers being hit in his legs and back with either a pipe or a tire iron.

Eddie made it to his home on Prospect Mill Road where he told his wife Meg Gast what happened.

Meg said she herself has tracked down a few leads on the men who might’ve attacked her husband.

“We have a picture of that they think might be one or two of the suspects,” Meg said. “Facebook can cause so much drama, but if you know how to utilize it the correct way, it’s wonderful.”

She’s confident she knows at least one of the suspects.

“Absolutely one of the suspects. Absolutely. The other three aren’t far behind,” she added.

Correction: A previous version of this story listed the wrong last name for the victim. The story has been updated to reflect the correct information.

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