Stolen puppy, "Mango," returned


All Allison Beaulieu wanted was their puppy back when she found out a 7-week-old puppy was stolen.

Sometimes wishes come true.  Mango, the once stolen, now returned puppy is reunited with his family.

"He just ran over to his mom and wanted to nurse," said Patty Bowers, Manager of the Animal Resource Foundation.

Someone called last night and said they had mango and wanted to bring him back.

It wasn't the person who stole him and even though the reward was $1,000.00, they wanted to remain anonymous and did not want the reward money.

None of that really mattered to everyone at the Animal Resource Foundation. They just wanted Mango back.

Patty Bowers was showing mango to a couple when they stole him Wednesday.

She was devastated by these K-9 thieves.

"We were concerned for his health," said Bowers.  "He hadn't been weaned off of his mother yet," she said.

Mother, his brother and sister, everybody is happy to have Mango back now.

Some here think maybe some good can come out of something so bad.  They hope that people become more aware of their organization

Since the person did not take the reward money, some people suggested they use that money to buy a security system, but somebody has stepped up and donated one.

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