Parents of dead infant son sue doctor

TALBOT COUNTY, Md. - Kelly and Dominic Ulrich, the surviving parents of Trevor Ulrich, filed suit today against David White, M.D., and others, alleging that the negligence of Dr. White in failing to recognize and report the signs of child abuse resulted in the death of their nine month old son.

On August 31, 2009, Trevor Ulrich began receiving child care, babysitting services by Gail Dobson, a licensed day care provider presently serving a 20 year sentence for Trevor's death from child abuse.

When Trevor's grandmother picked up the 9-month-old from his first day of child care when she noticed Trevor was lethargic and had a red mark under his eye. He also began vomiting.

That evening Trevor's mother, Kelly, took him to the emergency department at Easton Memorial Hospital where he came under the care of Dr. White.

With Trevor's symptoms the standard care of the circumstances is to rule out non-accidental trauma as the cause. Dr. White failed to do so.

Had Dr. White attempted to rule out trauma he would have discovered that Trevor had suffered a head injury and then reported it to the authorities.

Instead, he discharged Trever home with a dehydration diagnosis.

On September 2, Trevor returned to daycare where he was abused again.

He was taken directly to Easton Memorial Hospital unresponsive from the daycare.

A CT scan revealed severe brain injury and retinal damage.

Trevor Ulrigh died on September 3, from the blunt impact head trauma he sustained the day before.

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