Ocean City officials pledge Coastal Highway safety improvements

OCEAN CITY, Md. - Ocean City officials are spending $80,000 to improve safety along Coastal Highway.

The money will pay for a new crossing signal at 54th Street, which is where two years a person was killed trying to cross the busy highway.

Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro is taking care of the enforcement and trying to educate you to stay alert, even on vacation. 

“We call it the three Es: education, enforcement and engineering and we're well on our way,” he said.  

Engineers will also install bump outs between 9th and 15h streets.  Bump outs narrow the street to slow traffic down and extend the side walk 

“We've seen a 40 percent decrease in pedestrian accidents and we want to get that down to 0. We are well on our way,” Buzzuro said. 

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