Former Baltimore cop convicted of 2nd degree murder on Eastern Shore

CENTREVILLE, Md. - A jury in Queen Anne's County has found a former Baltimore city police officer guilty of second degree murder in the killing of his neighbor.  Charles "Pete" Richter, of Stevensville, was on trial for the shooting death of his neighbor, Mark Xander, in April 2011.

Richter, who served on the Baltimore city force during the 1970-80's, was also convicted on the charge of using a hand gun in the commission of a crime.  Prosecutors charged him with first degree murder and assault after they say he shot Xander in the back after the two argued about Xander's dog.

Queen Anne's County State's Attorney Lance Richardson says he's pleased with the outcome of the Richter case.  He tells ABC2, "I believe the jury reached the proper verdict. His self- defense story wasn't credible.  There were many inconsistencies and there was no physical evidence to support his version of events.  The jury wrestled with the first degree charge during deliberations but ultimately they felt there just wasn't quite enough to show pre-meditation."

Charles Richter is also facing a slate of child pornography charges stemming from the search of his home following the shooting.  He's well known in Queen Anne's County after running two unsuccessful campaigns to become Sheriff.

Richter is scheduled for sentencing on the second degree murder charge on June 26th.

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