Deputies seize guns, knives, drugs


A Stevensville man is recovering after police say he shot himself prior to deputies seizing more than five weapons and a large amount of ammunition from his home. 
Deputies responded to the home of John Michael Sellers, 38, in the 200 block of Johnson Road for reports of a possible suicide. Once on the scene, a woman, Sellers grandmother, told deputies that her grandson was in the house and needed help. 
Sellers was found lying on the floor covered in blood with a towel wrapped around his leg. Sellers eventually told police that he had intentionally shot himself in the leg and hid the gun. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment. 
While in the home, the grandmother stated she wasn't aware of any firearms in the house, and allowed police to search. 
Deputies found a .22 caliber revolver, two CO2 pellet guns, a 50 caliber black powder rifle, a 7.62 semi-automatic rifle (the Romanian version of an AK-47) with 7 magazines, a large amount of assorted ammunition, gas masks, knives, swords and grenade. 
Several containers of suspected controlled dangerous substances and smoking devices were also seized. 
All weapons were checked and found that none were listed as stolen. 
The .22 revolver was registered to a family member and the Fire Marshall's Office took custody of the grenade. 
Maryland State Police have determined that Sellers was not allowed to be in the possession of firearms. 
Sellers has not yet been charged with anything, and the investigation is ongoing. 
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