MSP: Man shot neighbor in mower dispute

NORTH EAST, Md. (WMAR) - Maryland State Police are investigating the overnight shooting of a Cecil County man by his neighbor over a stolen lawn mower.

Police say Aaron Reynolds, 21 of North East is being treated for two gun shot wounds. The person that shot Reynolds was taken into police custody after the incident, but he was released with charges pending.

Just before midnight yesterday, police responded to was was described as a disorderly situation in the unit-block of Greenbrier Road in Perryville. While they were en route, friends of Reynolds reported that he had been shot.

The preliminary investigation indicates there was an ongoing dispute between Reynolds and his neighbor over a stolen lawn mower. Neighbors told police that Reynolds and several friends drove down the road and attempted to hit them.

A few minutes later they return, stopped in front of the house next to the person he had a dispute with. Reynolds and the homeowner engaged in an argument when Reynolds got out of his truck and approached the man.

The man apparently fired several shots into the ground and warned Reynolds to back off. Reynolds continued to advance and was then shot in the leg and torso.

Troopers recovered a .22 caliber revolver from the man who shot Reynolds. It is not registered to the man, but is also not stolen. Troopers are continuing to investigate the gun's history.

The man was released from police custody without charges pending further action by the State's Attorney's Office.

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