Mother, senior arrested in Elkton heroin bust

Neighbors knew very little about the family renting this home on East Village Road near Elkton.
"I don't know.  I just see their kids out playing sometimes," said Shakia Fields who lives near the suspect.
"She took care of them a little bit,” added Raiquon Estep, “She got them ice cream when the truck came by here and stuff like that."
But according to court documents, 41-year-old Anna Undercoffer already faced dozens of charges for failing to send her three children to school when a raid on her house turned up 243 separate baggies of heroin, and the majority of them were tucked between one of her children's mattresses in their bedroom.
Lt. Michael Holmes of the Cecil County Sheriff's Office says such busts are becoming the norm here.
"Many deputies, troopers and town law enforcers have made several large arrests for hundreds of bags of heroin," he said. "Almost on a daily basis, our police officers and our paramedics are responding to overdose calls."
In the same week, law enforcers confiscated 72 baggies of heroin from a home near North East.
The suspect, Will Pettis III, had avoided prosecution on a similar bust in the same house less than a year ago on a technicality.
A senior citizen who could be drawing Social Security and a mother of three; they represent the changing face of heroin distribution and addiction that are overwhelming our state. 
Criminals tend to gravitate where the money's at, and one law enforcer told us heroin and bootleg cigarettes have replaced pills and marijuana as the real money makers.