Police: Guns seized amidst scheme to make cash for drugs

Investigators searching for three stolen firearms turned up a virtual arsenal of guns in a home on Locust Lane in the heart of Elkton, and they believe the 24-year old woman who sold an unlicensed dealer the weapons did so to make a quick $500 to fuel her drug habit.
"What concerns us about this is that we believe this money that was given to an individual who had stolen these firearms, was used to buy heroin. So our concern is that this is an example of what's fueling the drug trade and keeping it going in a place like Cecil County where we've seen an increase in heroin overdoses, heroin deaths and heroin use," said Greg Shipley of the Maryland State Police.
The investigation began when a homeowner off of rural Kirk Road in Elkton reported three guns including a Bushmaster M-4 rifle had been stolen from his residence.
Later, his daughter, Alyssa Schneider and her boyfriend confessed to the thefts and to selling guns to 63-year-old Stephen Molitor.
Police say Molitor is not a licensed gun dealer, but was operating a makeshift pawn operation out of his home offering cash for weapons and keeping them if the loans went unpaid.
"What we don't know right now is where the other guns came from,” Shipley said, “That was not immediately available to investigators---any information about those guns and so investigators are working with the ATF, with our Maryland Gun Center to trace these guns back to determine where they came from, to determine if they're stolen and why this individual had them." 
In addition to the guns, police discovered 450 oxycodone pills, packaged for sale on the streets inside Molitor's home.
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