Kidnapping plot foiled by Sheriff

CECIL COUNTY, Md. (WMAR) - Cecil County Investigators have arrested and charged Andres D. Flores after they say he plotted to kidnap a 10-year-old child and ransom him back to his family.

Flores was charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping against a child under 16, conspiracy to commit theft over $100,000 and extortion.

Cecil County Sheriff spokesperson Lt. Michael Holmes says earlier this week, investigators met with agents of the FBI office in Wilmington. During their meeting, Sheriff's investigators were made aware of the kidnapping plot.

Flores had actively been soliciting people to kidnap the boy from Cecil County. Flores was familiar with the boy's family.

Flores also knew that the family had access to a large amount of money. Recently, Flores had been more active in trying to find someone to kidnap the boy and showed pictures and addresses of the family to those people he was trying to solicit.

Flores had also detailed a plan to kidnap the boy while he was playing outside.

During one of Flores' meetings with potential kidnappers on August 15, Sheriff's investigators were listening. During that meeting Flores detailed his plan, and said that he would demand $300,000 in ransom for the child's return. He also showed pictures of the family.

During the meeting, Flores was asked what he would do if the family did not pay the ransom, in which he replied that he couldn't let him go, they would have to "put him down".

At the end of that meeting, Flores was arrested.

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