Cecil County victims thankful for hero's actions

RISING SUN, Md. - Caught on camera---a man walks into the Chrome Dairy & Deli store on West Main Street in Rising Sun.

In a matter of seconds after surveying the empty store, the masked suspect makes his demand of the clerk.

"He just threw me the bag and he says, 'Give me the money,'" said Lata Patel, "So I gave him all the money and I knew I'm going to be gone because since I had pulled out all of the money from the last register.  I seen the guy---he's my regular customer and he walked in."

But it wasn't just any customer.

It was a retired Maryland State trooper, and another man who was trying to buy a few beers had already been ordered to the floor at gunpoint.

Thinking she would buy some time, the quick-thinking clerk told the robber there was more money in the back office so he marched his three victims down the aisle to the rear of the store when the retired trooper's training took over.

"He jumped on the robber... unarmed him... tackled (him) like wrestling, but somehow that robber was able to escape from the grip," said store owner Jay Patel.

"He knows the trick so he got the gun from him and he ran away and he ran also after him," added Patel's wife.

The robber got the money, the trooper got the handgun and the suspect got away, but the victims survived the robbery with their lives, and now they're thankful they had a hero in their midst.

"Oh, the trooper is a hero.  That's what I'm trying to say," said the owner, "I told all the people.  He's the guy who saved my wife's life and everybody's life... put it that way.  If he wasn't there... because the gun was loaded completely.  He could have got the money and ran away... 50% chance, but what if that trigger would have pulled out?  What if?"

Witnesses say the suspect escaped in a white or silver Ford Explorer that was parked a block away.

If you have any information about the robber's identity, you're asked to call the Cecil County Sheriff's Office.

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