Cecil County man goes from burglary victim to suspect in minutes

CHARLESTOWN, Md. - Living just two doors down, Brandon Reidhaar got pulled into all the commotion Saturday night.

"And another cop came from this direction, then another cop came from that direction and they all had us staying at the vehicle, we weren't allowed to go anywhere.  And this guy was still running down the road."

That guy is Frank Roberts and police were trying to investigate his 911 call about a burglary at the 40 year old's home, but the focus of that investigation quickly became the victim.
Police say Roberts let his dogs out of his yard, one of which charged a deputy who shot at the pitbull to protect himself.
The deputy missed the animal, evidenced neighbors say by the fresh divet in the pavement, but the attempt alone police say set Roberts off as he came at the officers with the wooden handle of an ax.

"As soon as that gun shot went off, I could see one of the cops back here up on the grass and the other two cops were over him because they were all yelling at him, but I am sure he picked up the wooden dowell and threatened them with it or something like that because they were all yelling at him.  [And then they tased him?]  Yeah. he was flopping on the ground like a fish," said Reidhaar's girlfriend Courtney Simpson.

"Unfortunately he was a victim of the crime but his actions led him to assaulting one and attempted to assault the second one and being placed into custody," said Cecil County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Lt. Michael Holmes.

In custody and currently being held on a 35 thousand dollar bond.
Back on Edgewater Avenue in Charlestown his house remains empty, except for at least one dog you can hear barking from the street.
Saturday night decidedly was a different story on this quiet rural block.

"It did get pretty loud the other night.  Everybody was outside on the porches looking and watching over," said Reidhaar.

Roberts remains locked up in Cecil County on two counts for assaulting a police officer, police meanwhile say they're still investigating that initial burglary call.

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