Boys, ages 11 and 14, among those charged with stepfather's murder in Port Deposit

Paramedics responding to the home just outside of Port Deposit back in February were told a subject was suffering from a heart attack, but they found 47-year-old Vincent Robertson lying face down in his own blood dead from a pair of gunshot wounds.
His wife, Tina Robertson, says she hoped police would find his killer, but they never looked beyond her own family.  
"They told me that I wasn't grieving right," she said. "You know I have kids to be strong for.  I don't understand why these police are doing us like this.  I just want my kids out of jail, because I know they didn't do it."
Maryland State Police have confirmed that 23-year-old Alishawaine Monk, Willy Woodberry who's just 14 and their 11-year-old little brother all now face charges of murdering their stepfather.
"The investigation found the victim's wife had five sons, all of whom lived with them at that location, and these three individuals who were charged were three of her five sons," said Greg Shipley of the Maryland State Police.
According to charging documents, police later discovered almost two pounds of marijuana in the nearby woods that's been tied to the eldest son, and he had made threats against Robertson in the past for abusing his mother, but investigators stop short of calling either of those a motive.
"Right now the motive remains unclear and investigators are still working through that, but we don't have a clear definitive motive at this time," said Shipley.
"They're using my two little sons to find what they're looking for," said Robertson. 
For her part, the widow says her estranged husband had only recently returned to the house to paint and do odd jobs until he could find an apartment.
She said he had battled a crack cocaine addiction, but she's not sure who would want to kill him.
She says the only thing she's certain of is that police have gone too far.
"They've been to the bus stop showing my eleven year old pictures of guns while he's on his way to school.  I mean just all kinds of ungodly stuff.  The last thought for my 11-year old of his stepfather is a picture that they showed him dead," said Robertson.
According to charging documents, after the shooting, the youngest suspects withheld information about their eldest brother being at the house.
Police have now recovered a chrome, high-caliber handgun that they believe may have been used in the killing.


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