Smashed windows and thefts mark crime spree

WESTMINSTER, Md. - You'll find plenty of cars in front of the home on Shamrock Circle in the Greenbrier neighborhood of Westminster and plenty of targets for vandals.

"Sunday morning, I came out to go to work and I noticed my windshield was smashed," said Eric Rochkind, "This was the second time in a month a windshield in our driveway was smashed."  
Under the cover of darkness, the culprits smashed the windows in five cars at this house alone and a few dozen more in surrounding neighborhoods.

Major Phil Kasten of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office says the crime spree didn't stop there.

"The bulk of this appears to be crimes of mischief---vandalism to these vehicles," said Kasten, "There are some crimes of opportunity---a few thefts of electronics... portable electronics, valuables, spare change that were taken from some unlocked vehicles, but there's also damage to some mailboxes, landscape ornaments and items adjacent to the homes in people's yards."
Most of the victims have been stuck with costly repairs.

"The windshield was close to $300 and the side view mirrors---another $100," said Rochkind.
But the real price of the vandalism has been their lost sense of security along with the mounting frustration.

"As the day went on, we found out more and more cars were hit, and it's just so aggravating and it makes you want to move.  It really does."

People living in the area are being asked to look out for suspicious cars or people in their neighborhoods.

Police also say you should always roll up your car windows, lock the doors and remove valuables from inside your vehicles.

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