Police say he had turned away strangers at his door

ELDERSBURG, Md. - Cries for help in Oklahoma Estates sent neighbors running to this house on Stillwater Road where they discovered the injured homeowner in his driveway.

"He had a white shirt on and it was full of blood and it was a mess.  It was really a mess," said Patricia Faidley, who lives nearby.

The 57-year old victim spoke of a pair of strangers, a man and a women, who appeared at his front door out of nowhere… intent on entering the home.

"They knocked on the door.  They wanted to use a phone, and then after he said, 'No,' he closed the door," said Faidley.

A few minutes later, the man walked outside to get into his car to go to work, and the suspects reappeared, but this time they wouldn't take no for an answer.

"He was, again, approached by the two individuals who demanded that they be granted access to the home.  When he refused, they reportedly began to strike him in the head several times with a blunt object... possibly a pistol.  The man began to yell for help and the two fled," said Major Phil Kasten of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office.

Police searched the area for the suspects to no avail, and now people in the otherwise quiet neighborhood remain alarmed, fearful those behind such a brazen attack could strike again.

"I have a son and people are worried about their kids walking around and things like that cause they're still out there," said Faidley, "Somebody's got a gun out there, so... yea."

Paramedics rushed the victim to the Carroll Hospital Center where he was treated and released.

Anyone with information on the assault, which occurred Monday morning, can call the TIPS hotline at 1-888-399-8477.

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