$1,000 reward offered after campus shooting at McDaniel College

The shooting over the weekend has raised alarm in Westminster.  
Now, city police are offering a reward for information, not in one, but in two separate cases where students from McDaniel College were targeted .
The sound of gunfire awakened students early Sunday as bullets riddled a second floor window at Whiteford Hall.
"There were gunshots late Sunday, technically, and that's all we really know," said Ben Shoudy, a senior on campus.
"We got a campus alert that said stay inside,” added Cody Shives, a junior, “Stay clear of windows.  Lock your doors."
Police say a group of students had just left a restaurant when they encountered six or seven people in their teens or early twenties.
"Words were exchanged at that point at some distance and apparently that exchange of words continued up Monroe Street toward the college,” said Westminster Police Chief Jeff Spaulding. “And our best information right now is that this other group followed these students back on campus and that's when the shots were fired."
Electronic alerts went out to students and the college shut down the campus.
Investigators soon learned that, prior to the shooting, three men had jumped out of an older model, grey mini-van and attempted to rob another student in the same general area.
In that case, the would-be victim turned and ran to safety.
"Violent crime is pretty rare here in Westminster and, of course, across the county,” Spaulding said. “I would say to the parents that you can be assured that your children are safe, but any time you go out late at night, you need to exercise prudence and caution.  Walk in groups.  Don't walk in places that aren't well lit.  Travel by car if you can.  If problems come to you, try to walk away as the students in this case did."
Police in Westminster are now offering $1,000 reward for information in either of those cases.  
If you have information, you can call them at 410-848-4646.  
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