Woman escapes robbers by diving out second floor window

One of several attacks in neighborhood

WINDSOR MILL, Md. - A brazen home invasion at a time when most of the people in the Granite Run Apartments were heading off to work Thursday found a young woman fighting for her life.

Her escape led her to a neighbor's door in Windsor Mill, who agreed to speak to us on the condition we wouldn't reveal her identity.

"The young lady was banging on my door. She was on the ground, because she couldn't walk. She jumped out the window, because two guys were in her house beating her with a crowbar demanding money. She didn't have any money so some how she made it out the window and banged on my door."

Looking at the victim's front door, you can clearly see where the robbers splintered the door casing and dented panels as they broke in and the upstairs window remained open, which the victim leapt through to save her life.

"Officers discovered that a 20-year old female had been assaulted when two suspects forced their way into the home," said Baltimore County Police Det. Cathy Batton, "Our suspects are described as two black males. One is approximately five foot six. The other is approximately five foot seven. They were armed with a handgun."

Paramedics transported the victim to the Shock Trauma Center where doctors are treating her for several injuries.

"She has a broken ankle, a broken wrist, gashes on her legs. She got hit in the back of the head and she has a gash on the bottom of her foot," recalled the unidentified woman who came to her rescue.

Just last month, neighbors say someone attempted a similar break-in at the home of a couple across the street who have since moved out.

We're told one of those targeted was pregnant.

But this time, the victim had no where to run, and her godmother says it doesn't surprise her that the young woman would fight back when confronted by a pair of armed men.

"She is a very good fighter," said Bernadette Hanks, "She's brave for doing this. A lot of people would just give up, but she didn't."

Neighbors say the robbers may not have known anyone was inside the home, since the victim said they made no attempt to hide their identities.

Police are still investigating whether the home invasion may be linked to other robberies in the area.


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