Woman found murdered in Pikesville Apartment; suspect caught

PIKESVILLE, Md - County police spent all of last night and a good part of the day collecting evidence from an apartment on Wellhaven Circle in Pikesville.

A woman was murdered here.

It's news that has stunned neighbors who say they were awakened last night by a large explosion.

"I heard a big bib sound I thought it was an electric transformer and I was in the living room and I run to the balcony and see a lot of people running around and I see the helicopter." Anna Matos says.

"I heard the helicopters flying overhead I went back to sleep I heard the helicopters flying overhead again and this morning when I went out to walk the dog I saw the police cars outside." Dudley Redding says.

That explosion was a county tactical team knocking down the door.

Police receive a domestic dispute call at around ten last night, when police got there no one answered the door but they could hear someone inside.

The tactical team came in and knocked down the door...inside they found the body of 33 year old Cathy Hadel inside the apartment along with two toddlers.

"There were two small children probably three and under and one was her natural child the other was a relative." Baltimore County Police Detective Cathy Batton says.

The two children were unharmed and police say neither child was related to the suspect who was caught by police just after eleven this morning.

Police say the suspect is a former acquaintance of the victim.

"The victim is married however the suspect is not her husband he was out of state at the time the homicide occurred we don't believe that there is any current relationship current romantic relationship between the victim and suspect at this time but we do know they're acquaintances from several years ago" Batton says.

At this point police haven't charged the suspect and are still trying to find out the motive.

Neighbors say this is such a shame.

"You never hear about this happening in this neighborhood this is a very quiet place safe place there are a lot of police officers living here I'm very surprised its sad it's sad."   Matos says.

County police say they expect charges to be filed against the 33 year old suspect Thursday

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